Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gun Frontier - Sega Saturn, high score #1


Having just received the game last weekend, I played it a few times and put it down, impressed by all that made it into Battle Garegga as Yagawa was heavily influenced by it. The BGM is ok, with a few good tracks and the gameplay is pretty simple stuff, but pretty fun as well.

For fans of old school shooters, this is a must-play.

I played for two nights, finally taking out the last boss and ALL'ing it in about 15 plays. Not too hard for sure, but pretty fun.


There's a bunch of cool secrets, like letting one of the bigger tanks run over part of the bank, then killing it and getting 4 dime power-ups and 1 max power-up. Tons of stuff like that.

I probably won't go back to it for soime time, but it was certainly a fun diversion and a very enjoyable Taito classic.


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