Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ketsui high score #12 - breaking the 100 mil barrier!

Holy shit - yeah! Broke 100 mill, a goal I have had forever on this game. Super stoked and an incredible run for me. 

No-missed up until the stage 4 boss and then entered stage 5 with ~87 million. My early stage patterns are pretty good now, but my second half is weak! I lost three lives in stupid fashion - and let the 1up dropped by the Panzer Jäger drift off the bottom of the screen! If I had bombed smartly, this could have very easily been a 1cc of this monster title. 

It's cool though, cause I'm plowing through and headed for that 1cc like a freight train from hell. I really still love this game - which blows me away. It is so demanding on your ability to adapt and to control your own aggressive tendencies that when you start to push it to get a few more five chips, it can turn brutally unfriendly in a split second. When I have a bad run of games, I always find myself pushing too hard and I have to remind myself to lay back and chill and play within myself. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ketsui high score # 11 - 97,985,343, 1-5 boss!

Oh man - so close to the 1cc, so close to 100 million! Played about 5-6 games today and was sucking pretty hard trying to better some of my existing patterns for points, so I went back to old patterns and just went for it and two credits later, I make it to the stage 5 last boss for the first time on one credit. 

It him down to a bit less than half health and ate it after using up all my bombs. 

I'm crazy stoked. It's been a goal of mine since I got Ketsui to 1cc it. I absolutely love this game - it's totally made for my play style - aggressive and without stage long DDP style chains, rewards no death/no bomb highly and the music, graphics and design just totally does it for me. Really if I had one wish it would be that Cave does Ketsui II with the same type of attention try crafted SDOJ with. That would be a day one kit purchase, no question.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ketsui high score #10 - 84,022,646

I've been playing Armed Police Batrider for the past two weeks and feel like I haven't gotten anywhere. Earlier today I just bummed out on it, and popped in Ketsui, which I had been putting off playing till I had the drive to finally go for 100 mil+ and a 1-loop clear. Second game of the day and I best my old high score by some 10 million points.

I started working on stage 5 after a few games as I don't have a ton of patterns for it, but stage 4 is pretty solid now, which was my stumbling block previously. 

I'm hopeful for the 1-loop clear and 100 million seems right in my wheelhouse now...