Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ketsui high score #12 - breaking the 100 mil barrier!

Holy shit - yeah! Broke 100 mill, a goal I have had forever on this game. Super stoked and an incredible run for me. 

No-missed up until the stage 4 boss and then entered stage 5 with ~87 million. My early stage patterns are pretty good now, but my second half is weak! I lost three lives in stupid fashion - and let the 1up dropped by the Panzer Jäger drift off the bottom of the screen! If I had bombed smartly, this could have very easily been a 1cc of this monster title. 

It's cool though, cause I'm plowing through and headed for that 1cc like a freight train from hell. I really still love this game - which blows me away. It is so demanding on your ability to adapt and to control your own aggressive tendencies that when you start to push it to get a few more five chips, it can turn brutally unfriendly in a split second. When I have a bad run of games, I always find myself pushing too hard and I have to remind myself to lay back and chill and play within myself. 


Edward said...

I've been following your series of posts in Ketsui, and it's always awesome to see someone's efforts pay off like this. :)

Keep pushing for the 1CC!

Anonymous said...

well done man


drboom said...

Thanks! I'm gonna be trying for the 1cc from here on out, but I need way better patterns for 5 and some for stage 4 need to be tightened up, so it may take a bit...