Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ketsui high score #10 - 84,022,646

I've been playing Armed Police Batrider for the past two weeks and feel like I haven't gotten anywhere. Earlier today I just bummed out on it, and popped in Ketsui, which I had been putting off playing till I had the drive to finally go for 100 mil+ and a 1-loop clear. Second game of the day and I best my old high score by some 10 million points.

I started working on stage 5 after a few games as I don't have a ton of patterns for it, but stage 4 is pretty solid now, which was my stumbling block previously. 

I'm hopeful for the 1-loop clear and 100 million seems right in my wheelhouse now...

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drboom said...

What's funny about this is since I hit 84 mill, I haven't been able to get anywhere near it - couple 70 mills, but I keep pushing the 5 chip possibilities and find myself dying when I push too far. Which I'm sure happens a lot to a lot of people. You need to have restraint and know your limits. :)