Wednesday, May 25, 2011

HCBailly - Let's Play'er - You Tube

This is the first time I have posted about a LP'er outside of my 'Best of the Rest' posts, but I have been going through all of the back catalog posts for HCBailly and digging his stuff.

His commentary is excellent, funny, and punctuated with little video shorts when appropriate. It seems like the bulk of his material is old school RPG's - pretty much right up my alley.

Check him out if you are an LP watcher and enjoy. Stellar.

Final Fantasy V Advance - job system, yea!

Just blasting through the game now - that is, when I have time to play! Now I realize why shmups are so good for someone with so little spare time - easy to pick up and put down, short games.

I started playing the other night after I got home late after chilling with friends and picked up the Advance at like 1:12 am or something. I played for a little while and then looked at the clock - 2:53 am. Holy shit, that sucked.

But the game itself is awesome. The job system is a lot of fun and I find that I want to grind just to get my characters to complete learning their jobs. The problem is, I am now super over powered in the game and just mowing down the story line.

I'm hoping to finish this in the next week or so and move onto either Persona 1 for the PSP or Etrian Odessey III for the DS. And I may just get back to Ketsui as well...