Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dodonpachi high score #9 - and prep for the CAGDC tourney!

I set up my two candy cabs which will be used to house DDP and Omega Fighter for the 2013 CAGDC tourney and after getting everything together, I played my first credit on DDP in quite a while, just going for the loop and playing it safe and hit a new high score at 69,254,550 with a 391 max hit count. Like I said, I just played for the loop and got to 2-3 and made some silly mistakes, dying oiff pretty early in the level. I need a lot more time on the second loop to get any more progress and I really need to be able to take out the stage 4 boss without bombing to keep that multiplier up. It's the only place in the first loop I traditionally bomb - except for the last boss.

I'm ready for the tourney and while I think I will do pretty good on DK3, DDP and Omega Fighter, I have no idea what the other titles are, so who knows where I'll end up.