Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New PCB: Gigawing - Capcom, CPS2

Pretty stoked on getting this finally. I seemed to miss every one that came up on shmups for sale. This worked out in that I traded a few things and some cash for it after I ofered up my Strahl pcb for trade - so I got to keep Strahl!

The reason there is a youtube video here is because I forgot to bring home my US board to play this on, so its chilling outside my cab for a bit until I snag it from work. I'll have it all put together for the meet, dates of which will be announced soon...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Donkey Kong 3 high score #8, 1-hour plus game

I hung out with some friends this weekend and played a ton of Gradius and after playing for most of the day at my place, we went over to Logan Hardware to get some vintage arcade gaming in. I stepped up to the DK3 machine and after not playing for quite some time, got a new high score on my first attempt on a non-1-hour only game at 1,352,400. I confirmed that the machine is set to tourney settings and I am hopeful that I can break the 2 million mark with a bit more practice.

There were a ton of mistakes early in this run and in order to hit 2 mill I would need to bank a lot of lives. I have a feeling if I play a couple games back to back, I may be able to make some good headway.