Friday, December 16, 2011

VIDEO: 鮫!鮫!鮫!/Fire Shark - Superplay

I've decided to start posting up superplay videos as I come across good stuff in my travels through space, time and the internet. This is a great run of Same! Same! Same! and although he uses autofire, it still has some of the core patterns. It's a great game and a good run through. If it doesn't get you stoked to play some old school Toaplan titles, there's something wrong with you!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Donkey Kong 3 high score #4

Funny thing this high score - I set it while waiting to play Ketsui at work on the Astro City right next to the DK3. I was kind of chilling while playing and all of a sudden I realized I was on level 33 with a 500K score. I freaked out for a second and then chilled out, kept as calm as I could and plowed on. I think I have the later enemies down pretty good. It is totally satisfying to hammer away at guys and dive in and out of tight spots in this game. At times, it feels like a maniac shmup with all the focus you have to pay to it, but really, its a lot like nothing else.

Super happy with this high score - I feel like there is very little to learn here before I can start knocking off an hour at a shot. It had been sometime since I played this one and this was my first game of the night and even then, I got a significant improvement over my last high score at 691,400.