Sunday, March 8, 2009

Battle Garegga high score #2


After watching the Battle Garegga Gamest superplay about four times in the last two days, I fired up the game and played for most of the morning, trying different ships, including Miyamoto, Gain and Golden Bat, but finally settling on Bornam, whhich just seems to fit my style of play.

I had a good run of points from the flamingos on stage 2 and took apart Madball pretty well for some good points and hammered through stage 3, destroying a ton of stuff in the hanger. I missed the 1-up with some over zealous shooting, taking out the red tank about 3/4ths of the way through the stage, but it was probably my best run in a long time.

I placed my suicides well, dying on each of the first two stage bosses and then randomly as I progressed.

The patterns I have for the stage 3 boss are ok, but I can't seem to work the last turrets after you destroy the missile launchers individually and usually get caught on the converging bullet spreads. In this run, I had him down to the big spread the comes from the middle turret and one of the side pods and got killed by the fast spread, to finally break 3 mil with my new patterns for a new high of 3,251,950.

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