Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ketsui - Kizuna Jigoku Tachi review - Cave-STG


My Ketsui review hits Cave-STG!

A little while back, I wrote this review for EOJ over at Cave-STG and why I didn't provide a link here earlier is anyone's guess. Here's the link:

I'm a huge fan of the game, consider it to be one of the greatest shmups of all-time and quite possibly one of the finest video games ever produced, so it was a little hard distancing myself from that to try and be objective, if only slightly so.

Kudos to EOJ at Cave-STG for letting me do the review of such a treasured Cave classic.


gunbird18 said...

Awesome review, drboom! Great descriptions and easy to understand! If I had never experienced Ketsui before, I would now be looking for any means possible to acquire the board and play it! I am also amazed at Namiki's ability to pace the music track with what is going on in the game. I don't think there is any other game out there that does this. Thumbs up!

drboom said...

About Namiki - I totally agree. I think Ketsui is his best work for Cave with DOJ being a close second. Battle Garegga, though is probably the best video game soundtrack ever, hands down.
And thanks for the thumbs up!

sourdiesel said...

hopefully that guy who was stealing EOJ's reviews doesn't steal this one for his site :)