Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dogyuun high score #1


I keep moving from game to game this week, but I needed a change from Batsugun and Twin Cobra.

When I got this a few months back, I played it a few times, but got hooked on V-V for a while and didn't put moch more time into it, so this is the first time I have really played it for score.

This has to be one of Toaplan's best. Not only is the music fantastic, the graphics are by none other than Joker Jun and really look fantastic. There's a number of places where the parallax scrolling uncovers things in the background and your eyes are drawn to the beautifully detailed sprite buildings and futuristic citys that roll beneath your ship.

So, I figured this is as good a score as any for the first night of serious play. There is apparently 4 loops (!) and 8 stages per loop, so its a pretty long game, but fantastic nonetheless.

My best credit for the night got me a final score of 1,039,350, dying at the stage 3 boss. I ended up credit feeding a few runs to learn his patterns, so I might be hitting the fourth stage soon with any luck.

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