Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dodonpachi high score #1 & #2


Started playing this again for the first time in years. It's amazing how far my skill set for shmups has come as I have only dropped about seven or eight credits into the game in the last two days and made it to 1-5 this morning. A couple dumb mistakes cost me two lives with full bomb counters, so I could have gone farther.

I'm kind of just playing to see if I get back into it, trying it out to see if it grabs me and for the moment, it has.

My old high score was something like 14 or 15 mil and it took me a long time playing to achieve that back in the day and it took me all of five plays this afternoon to beat it.

I've been playing it using a Sega Saturn HORI Fighting Stick I got from someone on the shmups board and it works pretty well, though, I was much more fluid when I played it on Dave_K's cab this past weekend.


Started playing again this evening and got a bit higher score, but the main reason I am posting it is that I got a perfect chain of the first part of stage 1 for the first time - 187 hit. Felt so good.


gunbird18 said...

I'm am confused. Do I call you drbeeboss or drtoaplan? Help me out here...

drboom said...

drtoaplan works as I have a Batsugn pcb on the way...FINALLY!!! Woohooooo!!!

How you liking that Ketsui? Got a good high score yet?

gunbird18 said...

Liking Ketsui? You know that its true love! :p

Nah, no high scores since that 1st one I sent you. I need to work on patterns in Stage 2. Needs to watch me some superplays!