Saturday, January 17, 2009

Summer Carnival '92 - Alzadick - PC-Engine


Caravan titles are like STG-crack. My hand is cramping as I type this because I have been playing this non-stop, all morning. If I close my eyes, I see destructable towers and ships, a-type shot blasting them away, ready to switch to d-type shot for the large cylinders comming up...

This is the second title of 1992 for the Summer Carnival series, the other being the sublime and brutally difficult Recca for the Famicom.

The game has only a time mode and a score mode. The time mode is to see if you can score 1 million points in 5 minutes or less and marks your goal with the time you achieved the mil in.

Score attack is a 2-minute mode to see how many points you can score in 2-minutes. The world record is somewhere between 530K and 555K from what I have read and I'm struggling to get 500K. But I am really enjoying the struggle.

It's a pretty intense experience and one that I really love. You can just pop it in, play through a few times and put it down to go do something else. That is, if you can put it down.

There's something about caravan titles that I just love and I imagine its that there is a finite time/score to achieve and it's that concrete and quickly achieved goal I like.

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