Saturday, January 31, 2009

Parasite Eve - Playstation 1


Parasite Eve was a Square title back when they were really into putting out RPG's following the success of Final Fantasy VII here in the states. They had a lot of daring titles, each with its own battle system and crazy plot, mostly with young boys having to save the world by collecting some crystals or dungeon hacking, but rarely did they have anything to do outside the fantasy realm.

Square managed to make an Parasite Eve during this time of prosperity which was actually a fairly good representation of current day NYC (well, 1996-vintage) with an interesting, if bizzare plot, which involved mitochondria rebelling and taking over.

There are a ton of items in the game and you can modify each of them as you go to allow extra shots, increase defense stats, add poision to your bullets and much, much more.

The game itself is a helluva lot of fun, with a good plot and a fantastic active/action-based battle system similar to Vagrant Story. The cut scenes are fairly good, though the in-game graphics are a bit jagged, but hey, this is the PS1.


I played through it in about a week, a few hours a night and it took just over 8 hours, which was refreshing, and after saving after the end game, I can play through the EX-Game, 77 floors of the Chrysler Building, which is pretty cool.

Highly recommended, especially is you like active battle systems, sci-fi plots, weapon/armour customization and lots and lots of loot.

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