Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Batsugun Special Version high score #4


Started playing this again, working for the clear and I feel soooooooo close!

Made it a good way into stage 5, dying stupidly right before the end boss, the 'Ground of the Galaxy,' whatever that means. I ended my run with a new high score at 5,927,700.

I have been credit feeding to get patterns down for the last boss and think I can nail him with maybe only 1 death. He's got some tough stuff, but I think there are a few safe spots to exploit early on.

Amanda, my roommates friend came by last night as I was working on that last boss and she checked it out for a second, paused and asked, while watching me seemlessly and effortlessly dodge his patterns - though I have no idea how I was really doing it - "are you really that good?" I smiled, and as I was about to talk about how it was actually a lot easier when you knew the patterns - I died.

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