Saturday, January 24, 2009

HORI Real Arcade Pro - edition


After getting the NEC XM29 and my Japanese PS2, I knew I'd have to go for a HRAP at some point in time and I went for it after I saw a seller on the internets dropping them for $129.00 shipped new. This stick is awesome, no doubt, and a must for the STG or fighter fan.

All of the buttons and joystick are replaceable, just like my Astro City cab and it came standard with a Sanwa JLF, which stayed and some cheaper buttons, which got swapped out for some Sanwa buttons that originally came on the aformentioned Astro City.

It feels just like my cab, there is no lag when playing on the PS2 and I have been playing DOJ for the last few days, totally loving the HRAP + NEC XM29 + Japanese PS2 set-up.

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