Friday, March 30, 2012

Donkey Kong 3 high score #6

Almost rolled the counter on my first and only game of the night, 954,200. I know I will be able to marathon this game now as this could have been very well an hour score, I just didn't time it. Progress is coming fast and I'm feeling good about pushing the score up on this one.


Eric Tessler said...

Wow...nice score! I am going to play this weekend to see if I can get 700k on my machine here at home (I have a feeling it is set on a harder level than the one at the contest). Time to practice and get better :-)

drboom said...

Yeah man - set that thing to TG marathon settings and go for it! That 4.2 mil TG record is pretty high up there, but I think one or the both of us may be able to make a stab at it!