Sunday, March 4, 2012

Twin Cobra high score #5

I finally sent my Twin Cobra pcb and my Battle Garegga pcb out for repair and got them back on Friday, tested them yesterday and set this new high score on Twin Cobra with the first credit I had played in over a year! 1,187,790, dying finally at area 177.

I made it about 85% through the game, which felt good. I'm sure it helped that I was playing the shit out of Raiden and Raiden II that morning as I just got Raiden Project for the JP PS1. I should really buckle down and credit feed the last section in the game to get some practice in on it. Such a good game - Toaplan forever!


Arcade Fever said...

Did channelmaniac fix your PCBs?

drboom said...

Yup - and he did a damn good job - fast work, fixed right. Took me some good light and some time to see where he actually repaired. :)