Saturday, March 17, 2012

Guwange - HDK's Factory 01 VHS - Yusemi-SWY

I had a copy of this VHS, but as the actual VHS tape had Macrovision copy protection, it was refilmed with a camera filming the TV and while its not an actually bad way to do it, I put it on my list of VHS tapes to hunt for. I got it off shmups from snkpowa, right before I bought the DDP Professional lot from sven666.

This was HDK Factory's first release and this tape is the current world record with Yusemi-SWY counter-stopping Guwange. It is an fantastic performance and a pretty amazing accomplishment. Since this is now an XBox Live Arcade download, there are quite a few videos up on youtube for the game, the best of which is Prometheus's Western record at 49 million+. This run basically milks the bosses more effectively and makes for a longer recording, but good watching nonetheless - and the quality of this tape is excellent.

The Blue Label or Matsuri version of the roms are supposed to balance the game better, making it easier to chain gold and making it way harder to gain valuable points from milking the bosses. I did already purchase a set of the Blue Label roms and will hopefully have a Guwange board on its way shortly.

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