Tuesday, March 20, 2012

VIDEO: Battle Garegga - Chitta - G,557.790 - KET (Ketgarelab)

KET has been absent from his UStream channel for a while and posted on his twitter that he's play more and more at game centers and with friends. Bummer that those of us in the West who watched him often just have to wait, but he is dropping new videos on his youtube channel for us - namely this Chitta G-score clear.

It's an impressive run through and from my understanding is just shy of the current WR with Chitta. Her shot looks more powerful than Gain ABC's shot and the curved homing-ness is interesting to say the least - never played with Chitta - I may have to give it a run or two on the new fixed pcb.

It is interesting tht KET does not milk the third stage boss at all in its last form - he's basically giving up a few hunderd thousand K from what I know. Otherwise its a great run and a pretty interesting one to check out - especially as some of the strategies are different from a Gain or Golden Bat run.

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