Friday, April 6, 2012

Akai Katana vs Akai Katana Limited Edition - sven666 unboxing/comparison video + SIN LE White mode Stage 1 & 2

Normally, I do not watch unboxing videos, but this one is pretty cool in that its a stupidly rare Akai Katana LE version pcb, which was sold only through the Cave JP shop at a cost of about $2,500 USD. It was made as a consumer only kit and as such, is set to free play right off the bat.

It's an updated version of the arcade version and comes with a "White Mode" and "Red Mode" as selectable, where the Red mode is harder and enemies spawn suicide bullets. Both versions also have no limit on the hit counter whereas the the normal arcade version stopped at 256. Below is a video of SIN running through the first two stages of the LE version.

This will probably be the most expensive and rare pcb Cave has ever mass produced and as such, both videos are a rare chance to see such a unique release in Cave's catalog. I'd be lying if I said it would be somthing I would never shell out that cash for as I do tend to like rarities and this game is all I have been playing on my 360 at the moment.

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