Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Twin Cobra high score #6

And I am done with this until I get a rapid fire pcb and possibly a set of Kyūkyoku Tiger roms for the pcb or both. Happy with the score, but the fun is getting sucked out of this quickly!

As far as I can tell from watching the Toaplan Superplay I got a little while back, the JP version allows five or six shots on the screen at once while the US only allows three. This makes taking down some bosses impossible without bomb spamming them, which means you only use your bombs for bosses for the most part. It also makes each boss fight last for goddamn ever if you do not have bombs. The stage 5 boss building is a hand-cramp inducing excercise alone.

I'm going to look into an autofire circuit - which is honestly something I should have done a while back - so that I can play Tatsujin, Twin Cobra, Twin Hawk and the multitude of old school STG's I have or want to own, but haven't bought because you NEED autofire - Raiden is top of that list.

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