Sunday, April 29, 2012

VIDEO: Dodonpachi Saidai-Oujou - C-L 1-All

Here's a good scoring run in Saidai-Oujou with the C-L type ship. Scores are still climbing and there a plenty of videos on youtube show full runs. From all the feedback I have seen, the majority of players are really enjoying this game. A number of people have also commented that this may be one of Cave's best efforts. It certainly looks the part and the play mechanics look stellar, a nod to the old-school bullet-dodging style of Cave and an easier time chaining than previous DP titles. I'm stoked!


gunbird18 said...

Incredible! Very shiny! Lots of eye candy in the graphics department!

Agree with you on the old-school comment. This is back to good ole DDP!

Thanks for snagging the vid, boom!

drboom said...

You are welcome! I'm dying to play this. I have already talk with TonK about driving out to his place in eastern OH to give it a run, which is something I may do very soon.