Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Wii is in everone else's home, why not mine?

I almost didn't do this post, but if I have to be honest, I feel good about it. I mean, yes, it's a certain kind of dorky guy that has a gaming blog that he semi-regularly updates for really only one or two people who already know this stuff cause he plays these games with them, but I'm OK with being that kind of dork. One that bought an imported Japanese candy cab and spent dozens of hours searching for the most revered shmups you could play. One that actually enjoys mapping the dungeons in Etrian Odyssey. One that watches superplays of Ketsui like I use to watch skate videos to get me stoked to go skate. That, to me, is a cool-kind of dork, if there is such a thing, and totally acceptable.

Owning a Wii is a kind of actual dorkiness, or casualness that really lacks any significant gaming credibility. Kind of like buying all the Pop Cap games and telling your friends about your high scores. I play Peggle, yeah, but I would never actually tell anyone.*

So, on Thursday, I left work with my friend Dave and we shot off to his bank to deposit his paycheck, which just happens to be near a Game Stop. I'm a big PS2 RPG guy (currently working on Persona 3) and I'm really spend too much time with my DS (thanks, Mary!) and was looking for a few things to keep me busy. I found Izuma, The Unemployed Ninja, another Atlus made, old-skool RPG dungeon hack-crawler and at $19.99 plus tax, I thought my day was done.

Then, I asked the counter girl if they happened to have a Wii. She whispered to me over the counter, hand-cupped for dramatic effect and all, "I have four."

I was in mild shock as they you still can't get them for love or money, like Venus's arms or Brooke Shields buttocks,** and they can command up to $450 on Craigslist ($200 over retail).

Now, the only reason I want a Wii is that I have an Astro City which provides me with shmup madness, a PS2 which has no shortage of good, traditional Japanese RPG's, a DS and a GB Micro which both provide me with portable gaming fun, but I lack a system that can provide me with a child-like kind of experience. I like to giggle. I'll admit it.

I know there are virtually NO hardcore games for the Wii. Atlus's Baroque is a few months away and other than Fire Emblem, there is very little on this system that appeals to my traditional gaming loves.

Which is why I bought it.

I like the idea of owning a system that is just made for having a good time. It's kind of like a bunch of MLB players playing kickball. It's not a true test of ability, it's just a helluva lot of fun.

And as I sit and play Super Mario Galaxy and Trauma Center: New Blood (Atlus again, so brilliant), I am reminded of those early days playing Haunted House on the Atari 2600. Easy, intuitive controls and pure, distilled gaming fun.

And after five minutes of playing Galaxy, I actually giggled.

*all references to Peggle are included merely for the sake of good blogging and holding together a good analogy. Any similarities to person or persons playing it in the real world are totally, 100% for the sake of a good narrative...mostly cause my Mom still ownes me on this game.

**soon-to-be-obligatory Red Dwarf reference. Do yourself a favor and check this show out.

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