Monday, January 14, 2008

Mushihimesama high score Maniac #1

After playing Ketsui for most of the last week, I decided to plug in Mushihimesama for a change. It took me about two or three runs to get the feel for the game again and I plowed through Original, making it to the fourth stage boss before loosing all of my lives.

Now, Original is fun, but Maniac is really the killer version on this pcb (Ultra is another story...). I really think that Maniac is the way this game should have been released. The pace is perfect Cave-pace and the bullets are 'bullet hell-ish' enough to really enjoy.

Previously, my high score in Maniac was a paltry 14.4 mill, but I had never really worked on keeping the counter up. So, for this run, I abstained from using any bombs until the end of the Stage 3 right before the boss battle, with the arm pieces and head where you get the 1up (I got totally boxed in). I made it to the boss of Stage 4, but had to use alot of bombs to get that far and I didn't last very long.


At the end of Stage 3, my score was something like 31 mill, so I didn't add that much, but I'm still pretty pleased. Hell, I'm psyched! I feel pretty close to 1cc'ing the game on Maniac, though I'm sure there is actually a lot of work to be done, but I'm stoked to dive in.

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