Thursday, January 10, 2008

My background...

I got into this whole shmuping thing after playing a bunch of Dragon Spirit. In case you don't know, Dragon Spirit is an old-skool, hard-as-hell Namco shooter. You control a dragon (big surprise) and have to make your way through fast moving spread bullet patterns with wonky control and none of the fluidity that comes with later games.

So, after playing Dragon Spirit and its sequel, Dragon Saber, I played a few more Namco System 1 games: Blast-Off, Dangerous Seed, etc. I had a sort of epifany - I really enjoy vertical scrolling shooters!

I have been an avid video game enthusiast for years, but I played mostly RPG's and puzzle games. I fell in love with 'maniac' feeling games in the early years, like Robotron and Tempest, which required a high level of accuracy and skill and games tended to be over pretty fast (though, in later years, I could get to level 47 or so in Tempest on one credit and play Robotron for nearly an hour on one credit). I like my gaming in small doses.

Looking around on the interweb, I found the Shmups! site and learned about Cave, Raizing, and others and got drawn in to DoDonpachi. A whole new world opened up and the rest, as they say, is history.

So far, I have collected, Espgaluda, Strikers 1945, Mushihimesama and finally Ketsui, which has to be one of the best games I have ever played, for any system, in any format.

I'm sure there will be many posts about it in the months to come...

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