Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ketsui High Score #1

I thought I should start charting my progress and I set 30 mill as my goal for the morning. I've only have about three days of playing on it, for about 6 hours total, so I feel pretty good about this score. Although I really want to get to 1 CC the first loop more than score well, but the two seem to go together.

Dave commented that it's hard to try and go for distance as you are constantly pushed to get the 5 chip and I agree. Ketsui really shines when you get into the scoring system.

I got to the third stage mid-boss and ate it shortly afterwards (no bombs left). I'm going to shoot for 40 mill this weekend and I'll send a score to EOJ at Damaku Dreamer when I get to 100 mill (when and if that ever happens...).

I'm really stoked on this game and think it may my favorite shmup ever, but we'll see. There's a lot of playing to be done.

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