Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ghosts 'N Goblins (ARC) high score #3

The progress from here on out is slow - I can get to the end of stage 5 regularly on 1CC, but cannot defeat the stage boss with any regular occurrence. I still have to find a good pattern for him. I have got to the bosses at the end of stage 6, right at the end of the game, just before your first fight with the devil or whomever has captured your girl, but have not passed them with the shield. I had previously beat them with the knife, but when you do, the game sends you back to the beginning of stage 5 as no weapon but the shield can beat the end boss.

I'm playing this every night after work for about an hour each night and I am still working on the stage 5 and 6 patterns. Hoping to get something down soon to oass the end of the first loop! I'm really eager to start in on the second loop and work for the good ending.

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