Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ghosts 'N Goblins (ARC) - high score #4

I basically took two weeks off from playing this game, having two different trips back to back keeping me out of town. I just started in on it again tonight and blew away my old high score, but more importantly, I got the the end of stage 6 two different credits in a row. Once I get some solid patterns down for the dual Satans at the end of 6, I should be good for the loop - which I am absolutely dying to pass.

I honestly cannot believe how much time I have devoted to this game, but I am psyched at getting as far as I have. It's an excellent game, one of Capcom's best. Hopefully, I will be reaching the end of the first loop soon!


sharc said...

i passed through your blog a few weeks ago while looking for material on castlevania, and part of this post just stuck in my head. ghosts 'n' goblins, one of capcom's best games? ever? like in the sense that a normal human could play it and not spend the entire time yelling at the screen? that's just ridiculous, must be just some serious nostalgia at work.

but then, every time i fired up mame that week, it was calling to me.

after some serious practice i'm amazed i can almost get through stage 3 of this beast on one credit. no idea if i'll really make it much further, but i'm having a lot of fun with the game now and i honestly never even given it a chance if it weren't for your posts about it. thanks!

drboom said...

Hah - you bet man! One of the reasons I got this cab was because it IS so goddamned hard. I just like really hard platformers. But it is a fantastic game - great music, sound effects, sprites, you name it. It just has an insane level of difficulty.

If you are playig one of the ports, they are way easier in the last stages - notably 5 and 6 - where enemy placement and hit detection has been changed to make it easier to pass.

I got to the end of 6 again, beat the first of the two Satans and couldn't beat the second. I think I'm gonna start using mame save states to practice these suckers.

drboom said...

Oh - saw you said mame - good man - it should be properly hard!

MINI UPDATE - playing Sky Shark at home, trying again for the 2+ loops and made it to stage 140 something with about 780,000. I'm interested to see what the third loop is like. I would seriously like to counter stop this, but I'll just take it one day at a time.

sharc said...

yeah, it's really admirable how the game maintains its constant breakneck pace. it feels like it would be unbearable if the stages were even a little longer, but each one is just short enough that it's not too much to ask of the player.

speaking of hard platformers, any other similar arcade ones you'd recommend? i've been playing a bit of j.j. squawkers and bonze adventure/jigoku meguri, and they're both a good time - though despite the outrageous difficulty gng still stands out as more playable.

man, never though i'd be saying that.

drboom said...

Hmmm - there a lot of good late 1980's and 90's ones out there. I would recommend Black Tiger, Cadash (half RPG, half platformer, got its own character), certainly vs. Castlevania, I'd probably throw vs. Goonis in that mix as well. Magic Sword is pretty fun, kinda repetitive though.

I'm not familiar with the titles you mentioned - I may have to check those out...

drboom said...

Oh - and Rastan. I can't help but love that game.

gunbird18 said...

Ahh, Rastan! The visuals and especially the soundtrack were so unique for their time! I remember pumping a lot of dough into that machine!

drboom said...

Just like the opening of Ghosts N Goblins - that eerie music sucked me right in. So good. Stiff controls compared to later offerings by Capcom and friends, but classic.

sharc said...

in regards to variants, when sorting through some old links i found this page:

had no idea there were so many changes made!

i'm just now getting to the end of stage 3 with some consistency, but that dragon is still stomping my teeth in mighty quick. 91000 points, though! sure, that's after burning all my stock on that last half of the stage over and over, but hey points is points.

drboom said...

Very cool webpage - I knew there were some variants - notably the easier stage 6 ones, but I had never seen anyone break it down like that.

And good progress man - stage 4 is by far the easiest stage in the game, so you are pretty close.

5 and 6 are killer though. Took me quite a few credits to get 6 down. I think I have a good pattern developing for the dual Satans, but it doesn't look like there is any way to make it happen consistently. I can usually pass one, but cannot get both.