Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ketsui update

I have been practicing Ketsui each night, sometimes a credit, sometimes more. I'm really taking it easy, but I am also still learning alot as I go.

As it stands right now, I can consistently get scores in the 65-70 mill range without too much trouble. In fact, last night, I played a game while watching Law and Order, losing all my lives besides one in the first two stages. Then I turned my focus to the game and no-missed stage 3 and finally made it to stage 5, finishing about halfway through with just over 70 mil.

I will be working on the 1cc for the next few months, getting more familiar with the early stages, but really working on five, as I have no patterns for it. I think I will probably go back to my old grind and play through the game a few times a day using continues when necessary to get some patterns down. With an aggressive bomb strategy, and some good patterns for 5, I think I can do it. Ideally, I'd like to hit around 100 mil, but I will need a good set of strats for 4 and 5 for that to happen.


gunbird18 said...

Nice scores, drboom!

Keep at it and keep us up to date!

After you get this Ketsui thing worked out, please get a JP 360 so that we can compare Cave scores!
"Ketsuipachi" is my addiction right now. This retail release is so over-the-top it is bonkers!!!

I should be getting PS&MMP soon, so the Cave fever has taken its toll on me!!!

drboom said...

I definitely have plans to get one soon - Ketsuipachi is calling!

Arcade Fever said...

You'll be able to practice stages 4 & 5 much faster if you have the port, so get a 360 pronto!

Ketsui 1CC has still eluded me, as even with the port, I have not time to practice. :(

drboom said...

Practice is most definitely something I am trying to squeeze in. I really want this 1cc, but wish I had a few hours a night to work on it.

That being said, I just swapped Aero Fighters into the cab for the time being for a little break...

gunbird18 said...



I laugh and yet I cry. Hit boxes are cruel in Psikyo games!