Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ghosts 'N Goblins (ARC) - high score #1

After I bought this cab, I realized it may be the heaviest arcade cab ever built and I happen to live on the second floor of a two floor walk-up. So, since I bought it, it has resided in my garage, waiting to see the light of day again.

And because I have an awesome job and work for a great company in SRAM, I was told to bring it in for our department and viola - now I can work on the game! Woohoo!

Manhandling the cab into my car and up to the thrid floor at work was pretty easy with an elevator involved at work, so I got it set up in a night, made a few adjustments to the dips and monitor, cracked open an ice cold Heineken and got right down to playing.

It only took a few credits to get rolling again and that first night, I was making it to the end of the third stage with regularity.

Last night, I started playing while everyone was hanging out after work on the porch and drinking beer and started getting to the fourth stage and then the fifth on a single credit. Wow. I actually impressed myself at how fast I was progressing! It does help that you can glitch the boss on stage 4 if, as soon as you hear the boss music, you turn right around and start walking backwards. It takes a few seconds of walking and then the end stage 'Take A Key For Coming In!' greeting pops up and you are done.

Stage 5 is still pretty tough, though I did make it to the boss a few times, but have only fought him 3-4 times and really am not sure about his patterns. I have watched a few superplays - one from and another from the AEX archives which have certainly helped, but this game really requires you to know eqach of the attack patterns of each of the enemies to sucessfully defeat them. It's not a simple case of memorization, as the enemy AI can do - and often does - create new movements and patterns on the go. Red Devils seem to be the best at this.

I ended up my playing last night on stage 5, one stage from the end of the game. Stage 6 is pretty much a boss rush with a short stage in between bosses to get to the end battle and then - you get to do it all over again.

For those who don't know, at the end of all 6 stages, you fight Lucifer and if you defeat him, the game tells you that 'This Room Is a Trap Devised By Satan" and to go back to the beginning and challenge it again. So you have to beat it TWICE to get the real ending. The second loop is harder, with more and quicker projectiles. When you beat it the second time, it gives you the good ending and then allows you to keep playing through it if you'd like. I'm not sure if the subsequent levels are any harder than the second loop, but I can't imagine making it through three loops of this game.

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