Monday, December 7, 2009

Watching Battle Garegga master KET live II


In the last few weeks, KET has been rather sporadic with his playing live and those weekends when he has played, the games are, well, kinda sucky. Not that he's bad at them - he pretty much kills anything he's playing - but that you kinda of wonder why he's bothering with them in the first place.

Fox example, two weeks ago he played Majonng for an hour straight. Solo. No shooters at all that week from what I can remember, but my brain may have been mush from watching tile matching for way too long.

Them there are other weeks where he takes on some good classic shooters and gives you something to really sink your teeth into as you sit back and watch one of the best do what's their best at. This weekend was definitely one of those.


I started up Ustream and he was playing a UPL platformer, Ninja Kid, which actually was pretty cool. Weird, but it is UPL. He moved on from that to play some Garegga, playing a low rank Golden Bat run and dying on stage 6. Very nice. From Garegga, he moved onto R-Type. He stalled at stage 7, losing his life and powerups and trying at least 25 times via continue to make it past powered down and it just wasn't to be.

I stayed with him all morning until he signed off, which is a rarity recently. Normally, he'll start off playing stuff that like to watch and taper off into some terrible game and I start surfing the web, doing laundry or cleaning my apartment until he signs off. This last week was a pure delight and a pleasure to watch. Man, I really have something for superplays!


Arcade Fever said...

Yeah, he had been eluding me as well since changing up his days/times. But I did catch this Saturday's runs at his normal time, with Garegga, Ninja Kid which was hilarious, and R-Type.

drboom said...

Good thing you missed the mahjonng morning... ;)

Peshue said...

I still haven't seen him play any shmups. But I was there for the majhong morning, watching him playing Ghosts and Goblins was fun though.