Monday, December 7, 2009

Mahou Daisakusen/Sorcer Striker high score #1


Started playing this again as I am home sick. Again. Gotta love flu season.

This has been on my wanted list for pcb's for a while now and I just started playing it for score. These runs were made with the Sorcer Striker rom set in mame to see if there are any differences and I can't tell if there are. Seems exactly the same to me, which makes sense as the region is set via jumpers on the board (EDIT: PLayed both a lot these past two days and I think there are differences, though subtle. Can't actually tell if they are just rank or differences in the rom, though).


Made it to the stage 6 boss and died twice on his early patterns to finish this run with a new high score of 1,396,060. Pretty close to the loop, may work on it some more soon.


gunbird18 said...

Sheesh, I loved my Mahou pcb! I don't know what came over me when I traded it to caldwert!

As far as scoring goes, I must admit it is not very exciting.

But the game itself has sooo much character and is sooo much fun to just blast through for a couple of credits. You just don't see too many shmups like this one from an incredible year for shmups. The beginning of Cave and the beginning of Raizing!

I am going to go beat myself up now...

drboom said...

Yeah, you should have hung onto that one. Great game, simple, but challenging. Been playing this one a lot recently.

Plays pretty good on mame - even though I hate doing so. It's much cheaper than getting a board, tho.