Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On The Road with Super Bomberman 3

For the X-mas holidays, I traveled down to see my family in Atlanta and instead of taking along my DS or PSP or Advance SP, I just took my MacBook, a USB Sega Saturn controller and a SNES emulator.

My girl couldn't join me until laer in the week, so each morning over coffee, I would play Super Bomberman 3, a super awesome Bomberman title.

Being a huge Bomberman fan, I have been playing the later releases sparringly so as not to run of of titles to play, so this was a total treat. I used save states to make it through to the final boss in few days and as usual, he kicked my ass a number of times, even when I knew what his patterns were going to be. I'll have to practice some to finish the game off, but really, the levels are the best part of any Bomberman title, so maybe I'll let him live for now.


gunbird18 said...

Such a great franchise!

Ahh, the hours my friends and I put into the Turbo Grafx 16 game with multi-tap. So much fun! Taunts, groans, fist-fights...

Simple game play, hours to master!

I miss those days! :)

drboom said...

I have been debating having this as the next midnight contest title - round robin, most number of wins - wins! Love some multiplayer Bomberman.

gunbird18 said...

Awesome idea!

I have logged a lot of multiplayer Bomberman.

Methinks I may take the prize!