Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DoDonpachi high score #3

So it's not going to trouble anyone over at shmups, but as I am playing for distance, I don't actually care about the score. Think of these as "distance high scores" or something.

Anyway, sick home for the third day running, and got tired of Mahou, tried Donpachi, remembered that I didn't like it, and started in on DoDonpachi.

Got to stage 6, the last stage in the first loop and made two careless errors taking my last two lives without getting off one bomb. 12 bombs wasted. Damn. Felt like the 1CC was coming up, but it just goes to show you nothing is certain until the credit screen. I still really like this game after years of playing it and really would like to make the 1CC of the first loop at some point. Problem is, that the first four stages are pretty easy and pretty boring, so as I tend to only play things that keep me excited, starting in after five or six credits on a game where the first 15 minutes are sleepwalking is hard to do.

That being said, I will still keep coming back to DDP and someday (hopefully soon) I will be nailing the clear.


gunbird18 said...

DDP is the poop!

I remember buying Donpachi soon after I had purchased my first Saturn back in 2000. I loved it because I was re-discovering my love of shmups from back in the day.

Flash forward to 2009. I locate a Donpachi board and pop it in the Egret 2...I do not like this game either. I may have stated this before, but it does not even feel like a Cave game. And the gay announcer does not help! LOL!

drboom said...

You can see where so much of later Cave titles came from, but the game feels so poorly realized overall.
The announcer is certainly very, very terrible.
"Thanks for playing this game. Bye!"

gunbird18 said...

DDP "Mame version" is not merciful when you have 2 40oz Bud Lights in you!

My best chain (from the start screen) was 169. Pathetic!

Can we all agree, alcohol gives you the mistaken belief that your hitbox is 1 pixel on the screen?

drboom said...

2 x 40oz = awesomeness. Billy Dee Williams would be proud!

I can't shmup when drunk. Kudos for trying! Maybe we should have a drunken tourney at the next meet - five beer minimum, and something like Ibara for score. Games would be short. People would be happy. Hmmm.....

gunbird18 said...

5 beer minimum? Awesome!

Ibara for score? LOL

Games would last seconds!