Friday, November 27, 2009

Persona 4 - Straight from the Back Catalog


I rarely get sick. For some reason, I have a pretty good immune system and seem to be able to stave off colds like brushing crumbs from my shirt.

Which is why I am blown away that I am sick again for the second time in a month.

I'm sure the new job has something to do with it. I had been working with just one other guy in the office for so long that I think my immune system just didn't have to work as hard. Doesn't hurt that that guy, Dave, was fit as an ox. Now I'm working with 78 other people around me and some are sick, some have kids who are sick and germs are just flowing everywhere.

So, I took off the Wednesday right before Thanksgiving and figured a 5-day weekend should be good to get healthy again.

It's also good for going through the back catalog of games I have - mostly RPG's - that I had bought and not had a chance to play. Last time I was this sick, I started Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne and tired of its ridiculously high difficulty rate and punishing battles and later, Earthbound which was very easy and didn't keep me going after a day of play with it.

This time I picked up Persona 4 for the PS2 and started where I left off after playing it once - 4 hours in.


It's a lot like Persona 3 - you have relationships to cultivate during the day, school to go to, studying to do and a random dungeon to blast through at night. Now, I loved Persona 3, but after 100+ hours, I kind of tired of it and I finished that almost right before this came out, so I didnt feel like more of the same at the time. Which is why it worked so good as a back catalog game.

The systems are familiar, the spells and personas as well and it took me a battle before I jumped right in and started playing.

It's a really fun game, a good, solid RPG fr the late in the tooth PS2 and a total gem for Persona fans. The story is actually better, a murder mystery of sorts with some good suspense and great characters. You can also control every character this time around, so there's no random bad decisions by your party in the middle of battle.

The music is good, better than 3 and after 10+ hours, I'm not tired of it. I'm going to be plugging away at this one for the weekend as I'm pretty much cooped up indoors, with some DDP and DOJ thrown in for good measure.

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