Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mark Alpiger of King of Kong plays DOJ

This past weekend, Mark Alpiger and I got together to take a bit of a road trip, meeting up with a number of classic arcade world record holders and notables, including Walter Day of Twin Galaxies.

The first night he came into town, he stayed with me and we played a bunch of Crystal Castles, but I also got him to play a round of DOJ. Surprisingly, he's played Dodonpachi a number of times. This was his first shot at DOJ, captured on film for posterity.


gunbird18 said...

That was great, drboom! Very entertaining! Mark was cracking me up!

"I want that..I want my honeybee, my hornet!"

After the 1st boss's first wave of bullets - "Is that all you got..ooohhhhh, shit!"


I also got a kick out of his dislike of the 29" screen. Its funny how we candy cab owners would feel very cheated if we had to play on a 19" screen. We do come to expect a big screen in order to navigate all of the curtains of fire. We've come a long way from the Pac-man/Donkey Kong screens!

Dave said...


drboom said...

Pretty good thread that gets derailled very often about it on shmups in the Off Topic section:


Arcade Fever said...

Mark is a good sport for having you film this. Very enjoyable to watch authentic 80s arcade attitude and smack talking against a more modern arcade shooter.

drboom said...

Yeah, he was hella cool about me filming. Good guy, talks a lot of shit when he plays, especially at the game. Totally entertaining.