Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alzadick & Final Soldier Caravan mode high scores



Couple new scores:

Alzadick - 2-Minute Mode - 559,950

Final Soldier - 5-Minute Mode - 2,123,900

Been playing the hell out of Star Soldier 2-Minute Mode as well and I have a 495K score, but cannot seem to break 500K, which is my goal. Got to get a better score there. Alo been trying to finish Final Soldier game mode and I hve got to the last boss three times inthe last two days and couldn't finish it off. As each play through is like 40 minutes, I haven't been able to practice the later levels enough to be consistent.

Personal Note:

Also, for those of you who were at the CAC 2009, I made the announcement that I got a new job and I am starting Monday at SRAM, a bicycle components manufacturer. It's a job I have been up for for a while and when they lifted their hiring freeze, I was he first one in the door. I'm very excited to say the least. Short ride to work, no more three-hour + commutes.

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