Monday, June 9, 2008

PCB shelf, new Astro City panel


I've been playing ESPrade almost exclusively this week, working on the 1cc and I was hoping to make a post about how I finally did it over the weekend, but try as I might, no 1cc. But there ahve abeen a few changes to the Astro City and my little gaming area.

When I got my Astro City last year, it had a Blast City panel on it and I searched for the better part of 8 months to find a panel stateside as importing them can be very expensive due to their size. I found one for sale on shmups and picked it up for $65 shipped, a total steal if you ask me. It took a few tries to get the right plates for the joysticks, but each time I ordered, I got a few new things as well - buttons, plugs, etc. so it kinda worked out.


The panel is in great shape for being used and I'm really happy with it. I replaced all the buttons with Semitsu clear buttons from Lizard Lick as the baddass skeleton ones are out of print. They look pretty dope and keep the machine looking very simple and understated. Having never been a fan of the pink buttons for the 2-player side or the yellow p1 and 2 start buttons, it just makes the green stand out more in the artwork and header, which looks super nice.


I also sold off the Robotron cocktail I had to a gentleman in Iowa City and so with the extra space against the wall, I put up an IKEA book shelf to hold my PCB's, superplay DVD's and other arcade and Cave goodies. For a scant $50, I have a dedicated, classy shelf for my PCB's and a better place to store them than the top of a six-foot shelf where I already had my Mushihimesama PCB fall from once.

As for the actual games in the game room, I'll still be working for the 1cc in ESPrade this week. I can get to stage 5 pretty much everytime, but the massive tank on the left usually gets me. I also have been credit feeding through the final boss and have some of the forms down, but the second and the last form will take some time. Hella fun game, but I'm also looking forward to more time on my new Mushi Futari PCB as well which I got two weeks ago and have played maybe ten credits of. I also have the INH Ketsui superplay DVD on the way and have a feeling that it will find its way back into the cabinet once I get a chance to watch some of those runs and get stoked to put some more credits into it.

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