Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ketsui high score #7


I went for a run this morning and felt so good afterward, that I didn't really want to play a shmup for fear of losing that good, positive vibe, but damn if Ketsui didn't start calling to me sitting in the corner, looking all inviting and friendly.

I relented and decided to play a few credits, credit-feeding through stage 4 and 5 to learn them better (hence the 1 continue score on the scoreboard). I had a whole bunch of crappy runs where I was trying new things to see if they would pay off and dying a lot in the process. I played a credit or two with a mix of my old patterns and some new ones and got to a new high score of 61,421,376 (dying right before the end boss of stage 4), less the a week after my last high score of 51+ mil.

My skill set is definitely growing and the accuracy with which I am bullet dodging and anticipating bullets is getting honed. In fact, on a lot of those throw away runs, I put myself in tight situations with some tricky bullet dodging and surprised myself with the results.

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