Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Progear - into this game, but progress is slow...

I can't think of another game I have ever played where I liked it so much but was so awful at it! I have probably credit fed to the last boss of stage 5 about five times in the last week and still suck completely at jeweling and surviving. I really have no strategy and just kida hold on by my finger tips and try and get through the stage.

I love the art, I love the design and sprites, I love the music, but man, the gameplay is just hard to get use to!

I have put up a few 6 million scores, but they are totally from luck, so I decided to put up a post about the game - one of only two that I can think of - where there is no high score, but just an update.

I really, really want to get good at this game, put up a 10 mill score, finish the first loop. Maybe more so than getting to the scond loop in DDP. I'm working on both right now, really hoping for some breakthrough here on Progear.

Progear reminds me of this girl I dated in high school who was the super hot skate betty chick, but when we went out, it was like she couldn't be bothered to be interested in me. Just super chill, laying back, not really trying to connect with you. Progear is like that - its not helping you - you better get your A-game rolling!


MCT said...

I love progear, it was in a cab at goodge street arcade for a long while (might still be there i havnt been in over a year) got as far as level 4 boss on a single credit

MCT said...

sorry make that casino arcade (goodge street is the tube station next door)

drboom said...

Yeah man - pretty storied arcade from what I have heard - I think they were running the US board there - have on idea what the difference is!

Stellar game but damn, its like nothing else I have played.

gunbird18 said...

Heh, the girlfriend analogy was very aptly used.

I agree 100%. This game is not user friendly at all, and I love it to death! A combination of several things, really: art (Joker Jun-duh), steam punk teenagers against an evil mob, Ketsui-like boss bullet patterns...SIDEWAYS!

But Progear does not want to help you. She is the score nazi! She expects you to jewel-farm like a pro, otherwise no big scores for you!