Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Disc: DDP DFK BL - Ketsuipachi - Cave 2010

Ah yea! And not a moment too soon as the CWC 2012 starts tomorrow. This game is pretty much the reason I deceided to even look at a JP 360 in the first place. I do have to admit, I was a bit let down by DFK when it came out, even with sometime in on the PCB courtesy of brentsg.

I do, however, love Ketsui and this is a great addition to its storied franchise. It's a combination of DFK BL and Ketsui and features an arranged soundtrack from Ketsui and a max of 10 chips now, which are damn addictive when you start seeing them pop up on the screen like gold in Futari 1.5 or the 10K pork gold in MMP.

I have yet to play my copy as I am still waiting on my JP 360 coming from a seller in NYC, but that may be showing up later today...

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