Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ketsui - INH DVD Booklet - World of Ketsui translation - gamengai

For those of you into superplays like myself, this should be an awesome interview to read that GaijinPunch from Shmups/Cave-STG/Gamengai took the time to translate from the INH DVD boooklet.


It's full of good comments from SYO and Futobishi and some humorous stuff. It's also pretty telling in that it took them 7 months and a year and a week respectively to clear the game as a 2-All, but my favorite quote is from Futobishi:

I: Not just with Ketsui, but for other shooters, what part of the screen do you look at?
F: Depending on the situation, the area I look at changes. When there''s bullets I have to be careful of, I look at them, and not the ship. When I have to confirm where the ship is, I look at it, and not the bullets. Sometimes I look at the boss''s life meter, or the multiplier timer, or Mushihime-sama on the next cab, or even Soukyugurentai on the cab behind me. There''s not really one right answer. It would be nice if it displayed where I looked on the DVD, but I don''t think that's possible.

Awesome. Thanks mega to GP for translating this and if you haven't already, head over to gamengai and check out alll the stuff he's got up - flyer scans, translated interviews and just tons of content.

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