Monday, February 6, 2012

Dodonpachi Saidai-Oujou - Hey! location test

Just as I get my DDP pcb, the world is getting ready for the next DDP title, Dodonpachi Saidai-Oujou. Gone is the bullet cancelling mechanic of Daifukkatsu and what it looks like is a return to Dai-Ou-Jou with old-school bullet dodging and hyper mechanics - even the bee pick-ups are the older sound effects. Very cool.

The player here is LEN and according to Kaneda on Cave-STG, he's one of the best players at HEY. He's had world records in Deathsmiles MBL, DFK and DFK BL.

I'm pretty stoked for this. I was mildly dissapointed by DFK and if this is a Cave return to bullet dodging instead of bullet cancelling, I welcome it wholeheartedly! Check out the threads below for more info as it comes in:

Shmups thread:

Cave-STG thread:


GunHead said...

Was so happy when this was confirmed as a totally new game in the series. So much for all this talk about Cave going solely phone apps. Gotta love the internet.

drboom said...

Totally. Now if they make it a 2-loop game with no bullet cnacelling, I may have to pony up for this sucker sooner rather than later!