Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tatsujin high score #1


It took me a while, about two days of constant playing (when I actually have free time) to finally get past the 70/80th area and make it past the 400K mark.

In fact, my goal for the evening was to try and get past the 300K mark and my first game past 300K was this 414,180 score.

With old school titles, it seems like the gains you make can be big if you have good control of the player craft and know the behavior of the enemies. In fact, the only thing that caught me out was a set of mid bosses I had never faced before and I got killed by their unusual patterns.

Its amazing, really, that older Toaplan titles seem to draw me in even more so than Cave's newer efforts. Maybe its just a phase, but damn, Toaplan really knew what they were doing.


gunbird18 said...

I like Tatsujin on the Genesis, but the Arcade game...mmm, not so much. I felt that Tatsujin OH! was a much better game.

1) It starts getting that "Cave" feel to it.
2) I know this doesn't matter much in terms of gameplay but the backgrounds are incredible in Tatsujin OH! and really add to the alien feel of the game!

Just my 2 cents worth...

drboom said...

It is a bit sparse, but really challenging. I think Tatsujin Oh is a bit easier and more generous with the powers ups - but I have only played it a few times. It never grabbed me as much as the original did.

Tatsujin does test your rapid fire strength. A couple times, my arm has worn out while tapping furiously trying to take out a boss. Got to get me an autofire circuit...:)