Saturday, June 13, 2009

Watching Battle Garegga master KET live


Ever since Dave_K told me about KET (the Battle Garegga WR holder and [I believe] the admin of Garelab, a site dedicated to Garegga) playing live via a streaming channel on the web, I have been checking his feed each weekend and watching him play. It goes without saying that I am always stoked when he goes live.

Now I am really into watching superplays, which I have already covered here, but what makes this amazing is that this is live - he talks to people while playing and responds to comments posted in the chat channel, which is pretty cool. He even has a pretty good knowledge of English, so he'll answer questions posted by westerners. Very cool.

Watching a master at work is a lot of fun and week to week he plays different titles, but always seems to find time for Garegga and Armed Police Batrider. He plays a variety of characters and trys different thing most each and every run. His Batrider runs are usually low rank runs, missing chaining medals, and his Garegga runs run the gamut from low to high rank with virtually every character.

I was signed on and called gunbird18 and he joined me and we chatted all the while watching KET destroy boss rushes in Special stage in Batrider and we geeked it up pretty fierce.


Right before I thought he was going to sign off, he started in on DDP. We typed furiously in chat like happy school kids and watched him destroy the game, chaining most levels pretty well. gunbird18 had to leave just before he finished the game and he nailed a first loop clear with a few guys in reserve. A pretty nice run and hella fun to watch.


It is some extreme geekery to watch a guy in Japan playing STG's live with only 20-30 other people - all of whom are Japanese (except us one or two westerners), but it is amazingly cool nonetheless.

He'll usually post a link to his ustream channel from his twitter account here when he's about to play ( and he'll play on this ustream account ( so check it out when you can. A very unique opportunity for those of you who want to check this master of Raizing's best.


gunbird18 said...

I must say that experience was really cool and I don't care how geek-ish it was! Getting to watch a WR holder mix it up with Batrider and DDP was not a couple of hours wasted, IMO!

And as Dave_K. has said before, it is really encouraging to see a super-player mess up every now and then and restart the game. I.E. we all do it!

I was cracking up when he fired up DDP!:) It was so unexpected and we were both giddy with the prospect that he was going to stay up so late to play! LOL!

Great times! Me remember long time!

drboom said...

Yeah, I felt like a kid shooting over so many im's on the chat channel, but damn, that was awesome. I know a DDP clear isn't that hard by a pro players standards, but it was soooooo cool to see him rock something so out of line with a Raizing rank-based title.