Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New PCB: Armed Police Batrider - Japan Ver. B + high score #2


It took me all of two seconds to make the decision to buy this from a friend on shmups when he offered it to me for sale. After playing gunbird18's copy for the past month or so, I got to really enjoy the game and I knew I'd have to drop the cash to get a pcb when one came up. I did have to sell off my Dangun Feveron to get it, but truth be told, I like this game is much, much better.


After starting up playing the Advanced course to try for a clear, I decided to scale back a bit and play for a clear on the Normal course, which is only 5 stages as opposed to the 7 stages of Advanced (with possibly more due to the hidden bosses).

This run got me pretty far through the stage 5, where I finally died on the first of the last series of bosses. I have been using Miyamoto (C) and he works really well for me. The other characters I have been playing with will make a good team when I am ready to step it up and try for an Advanced clear and solid letter score - Flying Baron (B) and Strawman (A).

I'm pretty happy with my progress and I have come to really like this game. It's exceptional the way the mechanics feel - like you can move exactly how you want, when you want. There's so many ship choices, paths through the game and hidden things that it feels like I have soooooo much to learn still.

The OST is yet another Manabu Namiki masterpiece and just makes the game that much more enjoyable, especially the Sewer stage and Airport tracks. It really helps draw the game's elements together to make an excellent, fully realized world that becomes so much fun to play in.

One of Raizing's masterpieces for sure.

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