Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Air Gallet high score #2


I've been pluging away at this little by little and I have the first three stages down pretty well. The 4th stage is still really tricky and the 4th stage boss is a total pain. I usually end up trying to bomb the hell out of it and I haven't been successful trying to find a good pattern through its tough early bullet patterns.

This run got me to the boss and through his first form. I died with no bombs in reserve for a new high of 1,606,310, a bit short of my 2 mil weekend goal. Still a good score and a good place to build from.


gunbird18 said...

Keep posting these Air Gallet high scores! I can't get enough of the Joker Jun "Wasp" art! Booyah!

drboom said...

That's the idea! :)
I'd love to play straight for the clear, but as there's 4 games I seem to switching between (Twin Cobra, Sky Shark, APB and Air Gallet), it may take some time...