Saturday, May 2, 2009

New PCB: Sky Shark - Toaplan, high score #1


Not actually new as I did get it from a seller on klov a while back, but I did finally get it working so that I could play it on my cab. It's a super fun, hardcore old school Toaplan STG that just really shines.

The sound effects, soundtrack and graphics are all excellent for 1987 and its such an easy game to get into the zone with that you find yourself just anticipating shots and flowing with the game in a sort of hypnotic rhythm.


I've spent a bit of time with it and finally made the loop this morning after a number of credits. It does get pretty brutal in the second loop as the bullets are faster and there are more of them, but it really is still a lot of fun. It can get kind of tough without autofire, but I seem to have developed a good tapping shot after playing so many Toaplan games recently.

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