Monday, May 11, 2009

Armed Police Batrider Ver. B high score #1


I borrowed this pcb from my good friend gunbird18 after playing it at the CWC '09 and I think I may become a big Raizing fan.

The game itself plays a lot like Battle Garegga, with medal chaining, same types of power ups, but there's a whole lot more.

There are a ton of ships to choose from, various teams of three different ships and even team edit, where you can select three different ships to be on your team. There are a ton of hidden bosses, unlockable after the regular stage bosses, depending on who is left in your team or by some other stage based unlock.

It shares a lot of the look of Garegga, but it has a futuristic, almost cyberpunk feel to it. The music is awesome, a close second behind Garegga's fantastic tunes in Raizing's catalog. The sprites are bright and colorful and the backgrounds are as well.

I am really enjoying my time with it and this high score was set without any set strategy - except for limiting the power-up icon pick ups to try and control rank a bit. It feels a bit easier than Garegga and I made it to stage 4 with this credit, finally eating it on the Highway against that huge blue tank.

This pcb is now pretty high on my want list...


gunbird18 said...

Yeah, some people would call it a decent shmup...

I prefer to call it brilliant! It provides such an adrenaline rush when you play it. The list of shmups that give this kind of rush is a very short list, indeed!

I played this for a long time in MAME on a 14" monitor. When I plugged in the pcb...WOW! Took my breath away. Huge sprites, wide spectrum of color! WIN, in every category!

And that great Raizing synthesizer soundtrack! Geez, I am writing a book about this! Sorry!

drboom said...

Hey - don't worry about writing too much - I post/write waaaaaay more than I should - no need to curb yourself!

And you are right, it really does generate an adreneline rush. Garegga requires a bit more studious approach and I think APB just wants you to get stuck in and go for it. Sooooooo good!

Thanks for the loaner gunbird18.